artist rande cook

Private Residence – Wolf’s Moon


Expressed in this red cedar rendition of “Wolf’s Moon” by Rande Cook are the four different phases of the moon. From the four seasons to the four parts of the cycle of life for the salmon as it travels from the rivers only to return again, this number is echoed throughout Native culture as well as the rooms of this home.

Private Residence – Sun Mask


Rande Cook’s “Sun” mask graced the invitation to our “Ten Years After” anniversary show. Although it looks custom designed for the home’s master bedroom, it was not. By carrying a large inventory and knowing what pieces are available from select artists, the gallery can often find the appropriate piece without needing to commission custom work.

Private Residence – Frog Panel


Striking colors and a playful design characterize “Frog,” a sliding cedar panel custom designed by Rande Cook to serve as a cover for an entertainment center in the master bedroom.