Rande Cook

There is no question that design work has always been Rande’s passion. As soon as he could hold a pencil, he began to draw. Designing on paper is still a compulsion. Rande doodles unconsciously as he is doing other things. This continuing process is what he calls “expression in the moment”. Fresh and unique ideas are constantly flowing from him.

His early influences came from his home in Alert Bay, located just of the northern end of Vancouver Island. The essence of Kwakwaka’wakw design was given to him by his grandfather as a way of connecting him to his culture. Gus and Florence Matilpi raised him in a family that was already deep in rich cultural heritage.

The genius and raw creative expression of Beau Dick was one of the first influences for Rande’s direction. The classic form line of Doug Cranmer lent a foundation to his own creative style. He still collaborates with Fran Dick today.

He apprenticed with master carver Calvin Hunt early on. His drum designs became well know then. One person showed him a drum that he just loved, but did not even remember designing it. He was still looking for a teacher when John Livingston offered him a space to work in his carving shed. John shared generously with Rande as he provided the space for him to learn about wood carving aspects of Northwest Coast art. He still carries the skills and knowledge that John facilitated for him.

With dimples, a mop of curly hair and an unbridled enthusiasm for the creative process, it is impossible not to be drawn to this energetic young artist and his cutting edge work.