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“Baxbakualanuxsiwae”cedar mask by Beau Dick, creates a colorful and baroque center of interest amidst the neutral tones of the home’s interior. In the background a stained cedar sliding panel custom designed by Rande Cook, covers an entertainment center. The Gallery serves as a liaison with acclaimed Native artists, like Rande Cook, to commission specialized pieces and offer unique design solutions.

Native Art Consultation Services


Native Art Consultation Services, by Arctic Raven Gallery

Native Art Consultation Services, by Arctic Raven Gallery

Arctic Raven’s art consultation service offers discerning individuals, interior designers, architects and corporate art consultants invaluable assistance in procuring outstanding Native masterworks to enliven interior or exterior spaces.

A close collaboration between Arctic Raven Gallery and the owners of the dramatic San Juan Island home featured on this web page, brought the warmth of Northwest Coast Native art to the home’s large interior spaces. Outside, commissioned totem poles complement the spectacular cliff-side setting. Many pieces in the home, which look custom designed, were selected from the Gallery’s extensive inventory.

For custom design work, the Gallery serves as a liaison with acclaimed Native artists, commissioning specialized pieces and offering unique design solutions. From sculpted cedar and glass entry doors, to sliding panels, the Gallery has been pleased to respond to our clients’ individual requests.

The Gallery, located in downtown Friday Harbor, Washington, showcases a superior collection of contemporary works from the Pacific Northwest and Arctic regions. The depth of the collection allows a portfolio of works to be considered before choosing the most appropriate pieces. Complimentary placement and simple installations are included for work going to nearby locations.

Arctic Raven is known for its exceptional service and knowledgeable staff. The gallery has become a resource for collectors and consultants, helping to transform many homes and public spaces with the power of magnificent Native art. Please contact us to set up a complimentary appointment. We enjoy offering this custom service to our valued clientele.


Alaskan Art

Perhaps it is the long dark days of the Arctic winter which nourishes the fertile imagination of the Alaskan Native artist. Using an unlikely array of animal materials, Alaskan artists have created several unique art forms including; woven baleen baskets, whale bone and walrus ivory sculpture.

Once grouped together as “Eskimos” these Northern peoples from the Arctic are now acknowledged as culturally separate groups. Beginning in the far north and west of Alaska are the Inupiaq people, to the south of them along the coastline are the Central Yup’ik and further west on Saint Lawrence Island and in Russia are the Siberian Yup’ik. Along the Aleutian Island chain the Aleut make their home. The Alutiiq Eskimo people who inhabit the Alaska Peninsula and Kodiak Island are close relatives.

Ethnically and culturally separate are the Athabascan of interior Alaska, known for the bead work and birchbark baskets. Although located coastally in Southeast Alaska along the Alaskan “Panhandle,” the Haida and Tlingit are considered “Northwest Coast” Native people rather than “Northern Alaskan” Natives. Their totem poles, masks, argillite and wood carvings are internationally recognized. Wood, scarce to the northern arctic, doesn’t figure into “Eskimo” artwork.

“Singing Bowhead Shaman” by Jerome Saclamanna

Singing Bowhead Shaman by Jerome Saclamanna

“Singing Bowhead Shaman” by Jerome Saclamanna
7″ x 3″ x 1″ – $850

“Male Portrait” by John Weyiouanna

"Male Portrait" by John Weyiouanna - Alaskan sculpture

“Male Portrait” by John Weyiouanna
6″ x 8″ – $280

“Loon” by Mark Tepton

"Loon" by Mark Tepton - Alaskan wood carving

“Loon” by Mark Tepton
9″ x 12″ – $350