Northwest Coast

Northwest Coast Art

“Northwest Coast Native art has always had the power to enthrall viewers. From the first explorers to the present day collector, highly graphic and inventive Indian designs have intrigued and sometimes mystified observers. Distinguished by sophistication and complexity, yet composed of simple traditional elements, Northwest Coast Indian art has become one of the most sought after contemporary art forms.

Although grouped together as “Northwest Coast” the work of the major cultural groups – Haida, Tlingit, Tsimpshian, Kwagiutl and Coast Salish – show many stylistic differences. All Northwest Coast native art, however, makes use of local cedar for masks, monumental art, wood carving, bentwood boxes and baskets. Magnificent totem poles and house posts have become emblematic of the Northwest Coast and tell stories of a rich, ancient native culture.

The same traditional form-line designs used on totem poles and masks are now employed on contemporary two-dimensional art. Serigraphs or silk-screens sold in limited editions have become one of the most popular forms of non-traditional, commercial Northwest Coast Native Indian art.

Coast Salish artist Susan Point’s works in glass, and Kwagiutl artists Richard and Stan Hunt’s bronzes have also stretched the boundaries of materials used by contemporary Northwest Coast tribal artists. As prominent Haida artist Robert Davidson has said: “The only way tradition can be carried on is to keep inventing new things.”

“Green Heron” by Moy Sutherland

"Green Heron" by Moy Sutherland - Northwest Coast wood carved panel art - Arctic Raven Gallery - friday harbor WA

“Green Heron” by Moy Sutherland
36″ diameter – $12,000

“Raven in Blue Moon” by Dennis Allen

"Raven in Blue Moon" by Dennis Allen - Northwest coast panel carving - Arctic Raven Gallery

“Raven in Blue Moon” by Dennis Allen
31″ dia. – Sold



“Halibut” by Lawrence Scow

"Halibut" by Lawrence Scow - wood flat panel carving - Northwest coast art

“Halibut” by Lawrence Scow
36″ x 19″ – $1,200

“Baby Raven Box” by Trevor Hunt

 "Baby Raven Box" by Trevor Hunt - cedar box carving northwest coast art

“Baby Raven Bentwood Box” by Trevor Hunt
8″ x 8″ x 8″ – Sold

“Whale & Lighting Snake” by Moy Sutherlan

Northwest coast wood carving Moy Sutherland 8 x 65 Whale & Lighting on yellow cedar

“Whale & Lighting Snake” by Moy Sutherland
8″ x 65″ – $6,000

“Sea Bear Panel” by Dennis Allen

sea bear panel pacific northwest wood panel carving

“Sea Bear Panel” by Dennis Allen
41″ x 24″ – Sold

“Killer Whale & Salmon” by Brad Starr

Northwest wood panel sculpture salmon and killer whate or orca whale

“Killer Whale & Salmon” by Brad Starr
18″ dia – $850


“Eagle Paddle” by Erich Glendale

“Eagle Paddle” by Erich Glendale
6″ x  60″ – Sold

“Raven of the Vision” by Trevor Hunt

“Raven Taking Flight” by Trevor Hunt
20″ x 42″ – $4,500