cedar panel

“Crawling Wolf” by Charlie Jim

“Crawling Wolf” by Charlie Jim
39″ x 16″ – Sold

Private Residence – Salmon Run2

salmon run wood carving cedar panel large scale wall hanging

“Salmon Run” cedar panel custom designed by Rande Cook. Salmon swimming towards the front door welcome those who enter the home and symbolize abundance. Rande is a master at designing pieces of the right scale for challenging architectural spaces.



“Kingfisher Panel” by Andy Wilbur

Kingfisher Panel by Andy Wilbur - Northwest Coast

“Kingfisher Panel” by Andy Wilbur
24″ diameter – Sold

Private Residence – Frog Panel


Striking colors and a playful design characterize “Frog,” a sliding cedar panel custom designed by Rande Cook to serve as a cover for an entertainment center in the master bedroom.