friday harbor art gallery

“Wolf Helmet” by Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt 24 x 16 x 10 Wolf Helmet 7,500

“Wolf Helmet” by Tom Hunt
24″ x 16″ x 10″ – $7,500

“Bird Panel” by Trevor Hunt

Trevor Hunt 24 inch diameter Bird Panel

” Raven Panel” by Trevor Hunt
36″ diameter – Sold

“Strawberry Maiden” – by Henry Cyrill


“Strawberry Maiden” – by Henry Cyrill
12″ w x 10″ h x 6″ d – $3,600

Private Residence – Raven Masks2

raven masks northwest coast cedar mask sculptures Friday harbor art gallery arctic raven gallery
Playful raven masks by Trevor Hunt and Tom Hunt bring to life an empty space above the home’s long hallway.   An evocative moon mask by Rande Cook serves as the focal point at the end of the hall.


Private Residence – Kwaguilth Sun2

Private Residence - Kwaguilth Sun cedar carving wall hanging northwest coast art consulting services

“Kwaguilth Sun,” cedar and copper mask by Junior Henderson. Junior’s exhuberant sun mask was the lead piece for Arctic Raven Gallery’s 10th anniversary show and is now the showpiece of the home’s dining area.

Inuit Art

Surrounded by a stark landscape, the Inuit people draw inspiration from their intimate relationship with the few indigenous animals of the Canadian Arctic. In a land of snow and rock, Inuit sculptors work with the limited materials available to them; bone, ivory, fur and stone. Despite the limitations of the Arctic, the Inuit have gained international acclaim for their striking imagery which is often amusing, occasionally disquieting and sometimes both.

Arctic Raven’s collection includes stencil prints and serious works in stone depicting Inuit hunting and fishing themes, as well as more whimsical dancing and walking bears. Swimming sea birds, whales, walrus, seals, caribou and Inukshuk complete the selection. The gallery’s Inuit work also reflects the enduring theme of transformation in the myths and artwork of the Arctic peoples. Whether changing from animal into animal or human into animal, these native sculptures represent the belief that nothing dies – it merely changes form.

In a frozen northern world where Inuit villages are isolated from one another by hundreds of miles of road-less wilderness or thousand miles of ice encrusted sea, distinct carving styles have developed partially in response to the limited materials available. From the primitive yet powerful basalt carvings of Baker Lake region, to the shiny sophistication of Cape Dorset soapstone sculpture, each shows a strong imagination and profound connection to the animal and spiritual realms. Arctic Raven Gallery features works from all the major Inuit carving villages.

“Kayak Hunter” by Noah Jaw

inuit stone sculpture of a "Kayak Hunter" by Noah Jaw - at Arctic Raven Gallery in Friday Harbor WA

“Kayak Hunter” by Noah Jaw
17″ x 5″ x 5″ – $2,200

“Green Heron” by Moy Sutherland

"Green Heron" by Moy Sutherland - Northwest Coast wood carved panel art - Arctic Raven Gallery - friday harbor WA

“Green Heron” by Moy Sutherland
36″ diameter – $12,000

“Halibut” by Lawrence Scow

"Halibut" by Lawrence Scow - wood flat panel carving - Northwest coast art

“Halibut” by Lawrence Scow
36″ x 19″ – Sold

“Whale & Lighting Snake” by Moy Sutherlan

Northwest coast wood carving Moy Sutherland 8 x 65 Whale & Lighting on yellow cedar

“Whale & Lighting Snake” by Moy Sutherland
8″ x 65″ – $6,000